【スカイプ英会話】英会話向けの音読教材ヒーロー物ドラマ「The Flash :フラッシュ」7

この記事は、P先生のレッスン用の発音練習教材とその予習のためのものです。アメリカのヒーロードラマ「The Flash:フラッシュ」の脚本です。



Wells: The hospital was undergoing unexplainable power outages / every time you were going into / cardiac arrest,

to undergo:(検査・手術などを)受ける、(変化などを)経験する、(苦難などに)耐える


cardiac arrest:心肺停止

every time, you were going into

car diac 

Wells: which was, /actually a misdiagnosis, because you see, you weren't flat-lining, Barry, your heartbeat was moving too fast for the EKG to register it.


ミス ダイアノーシス グをちゃんと分かるようにいう

flat-lining ふらーっとをはっきりいう

fast 最初にエのおとがはいるといい。↑のフラットもそう

register it. れじすたーりっと

because you see:君もわかってるとおもうけれど、わかると思いますけど、わかります?ちょっと相手の同意を誘うような you know 


EKG:心電図、Electrocardiogram(独:Elektrokardiogramm)、英:ECG 独:EKG

to register:登録する、(測定装置などで)記録される、(観測などで)検知される


Wells: Now, I'm not the most popular person in town / these days but,

popular person:Rめっちゃつよく プースンに聞こえるくらいRがつよい

the most popular person in town ひとつのかたまり

these days ひとつのかたまり

but, なんやけどもぉ

Wells: Detective West and his daughter / gave me permission to bring you here, / where - we were able to / stabilize you.

permission erはめちゃR

Detective West:ジョー・ウエスト刑事、バリーの養父でアイリスの実父


Barry: - Iris?


Iris Irich さしすせそのすでおわる、シュでおわる

Wells: Iris, yes. She came to see you quite often.

Caitlin: - She talks a lot.



Cisco: - Also, she's hot.



Barry: - I need to go.

Caitlin: - No, you can't.

Wells: No, no, no, Caitlin's right, now that you're awake, we need to do more tests.

tests テスツのつをいう

Wells: You're still / going through changes, there's so much / that we don't know.

there's はっきりえーにRをいう

don't おのおとをはっきりいう we にひきつられない

Barry: I'm fine, really. I feel normal. Thank you for saving my life.



Caitlin: Really?



Barry: Can I keep the sweatshirt?

Wells: - Yeah, keep the sweatshirt.

Barry: - Ok.


-- -- -- -- -- -- --


Iris:  (お礼を言ってくれた客に対して)Sure.

Iris: - (他の客に対して)More?

Customer: - Thanks.



Iris: Oh my God! You're awake! - Why didn't S.T.A.R. Labs call us?

Barry: - I just woke up.

Iris: - Should you even be on your feet?

Barry: - Iris, I'm I'm ok.

Iris: I watched you die, Barry.You kept dying and your heart kept stopping.




Barry: Still beating.

Iris: Beats really fast.






Iris: - Are you ok, Tracy?

Tracy:- Yeah, I got it.



Iris: My dad is gonna be so happy to see you.

gonna:going to


        Let me get my stuff, ok? I'll be right back.


-- -- -- -- -- --




Customer: Thank you.

Bank Clerk: Thank you so much.



Bank Clerk: How can I help you today?



Memo:"This is a robbery."



Bank Clerk:  Is this supposed to be a joke? 

be supposed to~:~のはず、~することになっている


Robber: You tell me.


-- -- -- -- -- --


Detective West: Oh, you scared the hell out of us, kid.

動詞 the hell out of 人:人をひどく動詞にする(↑の例だと、お前は俺をひどく怖がらせたんだぜ≒心配させやがって)


Other Detective:Yeah, that was quite the nap you take there, baby-face. And you still look twelve.

Detective West: You look ok. Are you really? 

Barry: Yeah.

Police officer:Detective West, we've got a 5-50 in progress at Gold City Bank.

in progress:進行中の

Two dead.

Storm's really picking up on the south side.

- Grab your rain gear.

- I'm sorry, Barry, I gotta run.

Do you need my help? No, you take it easy.

There'll be plenty for you to do once you've settled in.

Let's go partner.

Hey, Allen.

Glad to see you.

- Thanks, Eddie.

- Hey, Iris.

Detective, you should go, my dad doesn't like to be kept waiting.

Glad you're back.

The night of the explosion, Clyde Mardon shot and killed Chyre.

Mardon and his brother died trying to escape their plane crash.

Iris! Got a minute? Hey Barry.

Good to see you.

Screw you! You ok? I I'm fine.

I I just need some air.

I'll call you tonight.

All right? What's happening to me? Awesome!

You don't really believe he can run that fast, do you?

Well, I believe anything is possible, and in a few minutes, maybe you will too.

How does it fit? It's a little snug.

At least you'll be moving so fast, no one will see you.

See, you thought the world was slowing down, it wasn't.

You were moving so fast, it only looked like everyone else was standing still.

The Flash (2014) s01e01 Episode Script "City of Heroes"


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